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Francophone Canal 2 ‘Or, Anglophone Winners.


If not of the partial nature in which the past 11 editions of Canal 2′ Or were organised, an Anglophone would have taken best Artist several times.

For the past few years, Anglophones have dominated the Entertainment Industry in Cameroon but never been recognized in such events.

There are two entertainment industries henceforth in Cameroon. The Anglophone and the Francophone Entertainment Industries.

I see many Francophone bloggers and commentators saying that Anglophones won best Artist and many other awards “due to compensation” as appeasement or whatever.

They fail to understand that Anglophones were not in the limelight because they were not given that chance. Canal 2 ‘Or has always been seen as a purely French event, meant for Francophone Artists.

Since Canal 2 ‘Or started organizing “national” selections far from the usual French selected Artists, we now hope they keep the same energy next year and wait.

And if you allow merit to prevail over favoritism, tribadism, marginalization and vote buying.

It will be the same!!!!

Source:Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji

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