“I am SINGLE” – Yung Meagan [Not dating Ko-C?] [Exclusive]

Few weeks ago, Kamer’s uprising rapper Yung Meagan made news when she posted a picture on snapchat of her and Big Dreams rapper Ko-C side by side with the caption; “I love you a little more everyday”. It was then alleged that these two rappers were in a romantic relationship and just made their love official to the world.

However, it seems like it might not be a couple’s alert after all, Yung Meagan just confirmed she is single by commenting under a photograph posted by Big Dreams boss Gervais Ngongang… so here it goes.

Gervais posted a picture of his partner with a heartfelt message “Best I ever Had”; several artists came commenting underneath and Yung MeaganĀ did not hesitate to do same by commenting “Ash we Singles, can only cry”.

This is a clear confirmation from the female rapper; she is single and not dating KO-C. So what was it? “Publicity stunt?”, “Quick breakup” or trying to keep their relationship lowkey by alleging she is single?

Time will tell. XOXO


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