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“Trying to decide if I should give my fans more music” – Mr Leo


Mr Leo took to his instagram page today to tell us about his dilemma.. “should he or should he not give his fans more music?”. We can confidently say his musical presence this year has been pretty low and definitely not as good as last year 2017. 

Going down memory lane, we can’t help but feel nostalgic about his past musical successes; we think of “Ee go beta”, “On Vas Gerer”, “Kemayo”, “Jamais Jamais”, “Partout” and many others.

Where has Mr Leo gone to?

The one who gave us “back-to-back” music, the one who gave us unique songs, catchy and forever memorable. 

He definitely isn’t here anymore… even though he debuted this year by releasing his track “J’suis desole” which already has more than 2 million views on Youtube; Mr Leo has lost his sparkle that made him so rare and lovable. “On ne se connait pas”, “C’est la vie” ft Salatiel all fell short of his musical glory; being good songs but not good enough considering the well established standards of the Alpha Better Records team.


So to have him ask us if we need more music from him, is like asking a dog if it wants another juicy bone. Mr Leo needs to wake up and shine again; he is just too talented to layback and watch others lead the way.

While we wait for his final decision, here are some of his memorable tracks.



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