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Nope Salatiel and Daphne Aren’t Dating! New Song Alert … [Stunt]


We all know some of the tricks our stars tend to do just to be talked about. Indeed they are called publicity stunts and have as aim to create some buzz before the unveiling of a project; and lets say Salatiel and Daphne have done just that.

Few weeks ago; some pictures of Daphne all snuggled up on Salatiel, went viral with fans speculating they might be in a romantic relationship after all. Both artists have been close for several years and Salatiel has worked on several of Daphne‘s projects in the past…

So are they dating after all? 

Welp! No! It was all a publicity stunt aimed at creating some buzz for their new project “ Comme Ca [A Nous Deux] ” under Alpha Better Records and produced by Salatiel.

Well, that’s showbiz for you, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s for the fame. We will be on the lookout for this new project,




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