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“Some people worship the devil to get famous in the industry” – Franko


Renowned 237 platform Bimstr has brought to the lime light a controversial  audio recording of an interview “Coller La Petite“‘s mastermind Franko did; where he talks about some occult practices that are happening in the Cameroon entertainment industry.

Listening to the audio clip, we hear him talking about a certain “Eric Punde” (a media personality and promoter) who tried to take him to go see “someone” in the Nkongsamba region; which he turned down.

He says:

“Some people pray to God and others pray to the devil to have success but if he prayed and worshiped the God I worshiped he wouldn’t try to take me to certain places”. 

Franko goes on to talk about his illness some months back, characterised by loads of insomnia; where he couldn’t be cured in any hospital because no disease was found.

He later on got solace from an exorcist but feels the illness is still there and not fulling gone; reason why he has taken a few steps back from the entertainment industry and music.

He cautious everyone to know the truth and watch their steps as they dive into the entertainment industry.

Listen below.


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