PASCAL’s Pikin 4 Sun EP is HERE! [Free Download]

Cameroons’ very own outstanding rap act Pascal aka “Yung King” happily presents his fourth studio project “Pikin 4 Sun”. This is a follow up from the ‘WORK DEY’ trilogy released in 2015 and 2016.


Pikin4Sun is the story of A child lost in darkness going through pain, suffering and disappointment. The journey of this project is the ultimate search for restoration and Gods’ given success. A  journey through soul searching, life style and expression of societal experiences; eventually demonstrating strength and hope for one’s self.

Written in Pidgin, English and French. Pascal collaborates  with 6 producer on this project, (Dijay-karl, Edi Le Drae, Kiloh, Method J, Teranno and King Gunz); and also featured artist, Mihney in ‘Check Sense 2’ and Chick Nick in ‘Never Lie’.

Sit back – get your headphones, your speakers and your ears ready because what you are about to listen to is Cameroons rap in its purest and finest form.


Track 1 – Pikin4sun

A feeling generated from self-motivation, Pascal went deep on this one over a score-music sound to vividly express his journey as an artiste and also painting a comprehensive picture of pain, hope and recovery. The song demonstrated a typical African setting in terms of survival and way of life during adversity.

Nature predominantly played an impressive role on the track as the Sun and Rain complimented the intended energy of this masterpiece. In his own way, he soulfully reached out to identify the ills surrounding him as an artiste, and his personal life. The sad tunes, violin and the unavoidable vocals by Mara will leave you in a sunken place of motivation and positive energy. It is truly an audio gospel of motivation from a Yung king preached in Pidgin, English and French.


Track 2- Check sense 2 (CS2) featuring Mihney.

Pascal and Mihney in their traditional story telling skills, kept things simple and straight to the point as they both narrate possible scenarios and struggles to survive in a tough economy in Pidgin and French.

“Blood dey ya man ei eye”; a typical west African expression to indicate hunger, pain, poverty and the edge to survive at all cost. Pascal successfully expressed his frustration/poor treatment from those around him as some things didn’t go as planned. “Check sense” at this point in time was the only solution, figuring out drastic measures to elevate himself up. As he rightfully said “anytin fit just happen” – Anything can happen. The energy from start to finish is consistent and engaging.


Track 3- Keyboard produced by Teranno

The street is not for the weak and some word play from Pascal brings this to live. This track is the definition of working out of your comfort zone and presenting something unique to the audience.  Teranno, the producer went wild on the last part of the song; there’s a swift transition into EDM sound, levelling up the energy and message.  It’s a track you could use to test your new stereo speakers. The whole meaning behind the song depends solely on how one relates to it. Pascal demonstrates his art and music has no boundary by tapping into different sounds to illustrate his creativity and ideas.


Track 4- Work chopproduced by kiloh

With social media and smartphones at almost every youth’s hand, embellishing and packaging is a trend that continues in our community. Pascal went on a thought-provoking mission, bringing out some of the things people do to massage their ego. He describes this in his own way as ; work chop.

For those who follow urban music in Cameroon, the track might sound familiar in terms of instruments. Produced by one of kamer’s finest Kiloh, his signature 808 kicks and samples created a groovy energy all through the entire track. By now you should know, the word work resonates throughout Pascal’s music career, most times illustrating his hunger and drive to succeed; showing his progress – no matter how little, it’s still progress; and also motivating youths who are challenged by Cameroon’s economy and lack of opportunities.











Track 5- Shake Workproduced by Method J

Some of the important virtues in life include; being able to stay focus, be real with yourself and the people around you. As simple as it sound, it is very difficult to acquire and maintain these values. Shake work is a Pidgin-English parlance which can be related to; disappointment or not trustworthy. Some of the relationships, projects or plans we create at some point, fail to produce the intended results because of one or more unreliable moves/decisions we make.

The content of this track and its presentation, lies in the foundation of providing value to youths in our society. Method J did not sleep on this one either. It will take a good listener to pick out those heart beat samples at point in the track.


Track 6- Never Lie produced by Dijay Karl

The greatest lie one can tell is to say they have never lied. Pascal recruits Chick Nick to help him go on a vocal mission to express his feelings and assuring his love. The soulfulness of the song is not the only relatable factor. Like music, Love is a universal language. With trust, it becomes a magical feeling and experience. Singing, raping and switching between English and French language, Never Liespeaks across so many aspects in life. We all seek for true and mutual relationship amongst our friends and family.


Track 7- Follow the light (produced by King Gunz)

Follow the light vividly describes the state of things in Pascal’s  life and the motive behind his hustle as an artiste. So many questions were answered in this track, so many life struggles explicitly painted on a perfectly tailored beat by King Gunz.

Pascal’s honesty, humility and approach towards the things that matter in life, all revealed. This could be the ultimate comeback speech or signature tune on  this project. It is all about doing good music, living life, and following the light.

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