More than 25,000 fans attend Daphne’s concert in Madagascar

When Daphne announced her “Madagascar Tour 2018“, there was some shock and apprehension; Madagascar is not really know for its musicalĀ strength, hardly are her musicians ever nominated, featuring with its artists too are not the order of the day.

So do its people, know Cameroonian music to the extent of Daphne having a tour there?

Well, here are Daphne’s tour dates;

  • 1st August – Nosy Be (VIP Concert)
  • 2nd August – Nosy Be (Stadium)
  • 5th August – SambavaĀ 

It all started off when she arrived on Monday, July 30; she had a warm reception by Malagasy women with traditional dances, melodious sounds and colourful attires. (They definitely knew who Daphne was and were glad having her in their country).

The euphoria didn’t end there, as today she performed at the Nosy Be Event (Stadium) were more than 25,000 fans attended !

Music definitely has no boundaries, and Daphne just proved that.

Watch the video below. xoxo

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