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Did Mimie already reveal her pregnancy in EMPIRE’s Clip “Donner Donner”?


Empire‘s female lead Mimie is pregnant (that’s no news actually). The expectant mother unveiled her baby bump on a magazine cover a few weeks back and since then she’s been quite expressive about it; performing live on stage, proceeding with her media tour and even letting us in on the little gimmicks she did so as not to let the cat out of the bag before its scheduled time.

Well, looking back, her pregnancy was in plain site for all see (or at least a reference to her pregnancy 🙂 ). If we take a look at a clip she did months back, we can say with certainty that Mimie was clearly messing with us… and she deserves some applauds for that. 

Indeed, during EMPIRE Power 2 project; which featured Tenor, Locko, Minks, Magasco and Mimie entitled “Donner Donner” there is was clear reference to Mimie‘s pregnancy that we all failed to see.

During her verse; Mimie walks in a neighbourhood heavily pregnant and wearing a Kabba, she is being followed by two girls who murmur and mock her and in her verse she says

“Tu m’aimes, je t’aime… Tu ne meme pas on s’en fou” 

“You love me, I love you … you don’t love me I don’t care” 

Was this a slight fist she threw to the people who would eventually criticise her for being pregnant without being married? It looks that way.

As the beautiful mum-to-be later on released the visuals of her new single “Je m’en fous” that is “I don’t Care” where she talks about “wrong choices” sometimes leading to the “best results”.

Well we can say, Mimie is the Queen of subtle clap backs and knows how to mess with our minds.

Good job. xoxo

Watch “Donner Donner” below

Watch “Je m’en fous” below

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