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Clarisse Valerie Wopso Died A Week Ago! The True Details Surrounding Her Death [Exclusive]


It was in the early hours of Thursday, 2nd of August, that information about the death of Cameroon Music Icon Clarisse Valerie Wopso hit social media. So many alleged stories are currently circulating regarding her death and its validity; however, LadyT’s World decided to delay its reporting for proper investigation.

With that being said, here are the true details surrounding her death;

It was with shock and disbelief that music lovers and Wopso fans began seeing bizarre videos of Valerie Wopso on social media where she talked about; God, ate raw plants, walked with a large cross and even changed her name to “Le Diamant de Dieu” that is “God’s Diamond“.

She sent out many videos, and each were cringeworthy; she spoke in a cryptic manner, dressed in a weird way and was far from being the Clarisse Valery her fans knew. Several reports have been circulating with regards to how she died, the time of her death and what precisely happened to this once so beautiful and sophisticated woman.

This is the true story brought to us by La PDG International Flore de Lille (a Cameroonian Social lite based in France).

She went live on her page and took us to a hotel called “Residence Hoteliere Poincare” were Wopso allegedly died. This is what she found out;

PDG : “Hello Mme, we are here with regards to some information circulation on social media about a lady. Can we show you a picture and maybe you can recognise her”

RHP Staff: “Yes its Clarisse. Clarisse is dead”

According to the staff, it was the smell emanating from her room that led to the macabre discovery and that Clarisse was very reserved and isolated herself quite a lot, that’s the reason why her body was only found a week after her death.

She equally pinpointed the root cause of her depression to the fact that her husband left her to go start a life with her sister.

The story does not end there, as it is believe that her death was made known by a Congolese resident in the hotel in a bid to inform the Cameroonian community.

Her corpse is currently with paramedics as they conduct an autopsy to find out what killed her.



It is with a heavy heart that we put up this report; we hope through it we remember her journey here on earth and pray she rests in perfect peace.



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