Ambe Needs To Drink A Chill Pill …Following Clash With Wax Dey

Ambe‘s volatile personality and lack of maturity has over the years contributed in making his musical career a dwindling one. Always in the news for the wrong reasons and always in some sort of a controversy, the ‘upcoming’ artist is yet again in another fight… this time around with award winning Kamer artist Wax Dey

It all began when the ‘Vitesse‘ artist, shared a video of ladies from Wax Dey‘s reality TV show ‘Number One Girl‘ twerking to his song Vitesse.

It is clear to everyone that Wax Dey was simply trying to make a joke and was obviously pulling Ambe‘s legs. How this escalated into something so unnecessary, is the main reason why Ambe‘s career is has no direction.

He needs a good PR team, to rebrand him and give him a new focus because at this rate, he will remain a ‘one hit wonder’.

Have a look below.



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