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Blanche Bailly Goes Nude For The Gram


It is no news that Cameroonian artist Blanche Bailly is endowed with humongous curves that are quite appealing to lustful men across the globe. Her figure and sexuality have been tools she’s used to break-through the Cameroonian entertainment industry (well… and her voice too.. sort of); and in order to stay relevant she uses her body… a lot!

Towing the same road, Blanche just posted a video on her Instagram page which we can say is… rated 18 (Sexually Explicit). In it she is seen with a very skimpy lingerie; her bare butt quite visible (although covered with a see-through garment, obviously she wasn’t planning on covering up anything, but let’s play pretend) and dancing to some sort of non-playing music or trying to be funny (she obviously failed).

In all her gestures what’s clear to see are here boobs, her wiggling butt and if we look closely … her vajayjay (p*ssy). Well, what other way to promote her soon to be released single other than… (have a guess) …. using her BODY (bingo, you guessed it right).

Anyways, it’s just another episode of the Blanche Bailly and her body scandal.


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