Discover Business Stories On VAULT 5 And  Begin Your Path To Success Now!

Discover Business Stories On VAULT 5 And Begin Your Path To Success Now!

VAULT magazine is a small, stylishly compact digital magazine jam packed with positively curated content for the forward thinking, style loving, bold millennials and Generation Xers.

The fifth issue is now available to read online. With this new issue, we’re unveiling a “Business Edit” filled with stories from different business backgrounds and perspectives to inspire all our readers.

African tech, film entrepreneur and start up investor Jason Njoku as our cover boy was only apt “because for such a young man, his business journey is incredible and a huge inspiration for us all. His experience teaches us that no matter what, resolve never to give up, to never quit and to try try harder one more time” states Cynthia editor at Vault.

With every story we share in our magazine, with every issue, we’re committed to inspire and to provide a place where our readers could escape and dream positively. May the stories inspire you, may the business tips help you.” Cynthia also added.

VAULT magazine is a quarterly bilingual fashion, beauty and lifestyle online magazine from a Cameroonian and an African perspective by Douala/London based creative PR consultancy ModeMaison PR.

For fun fashionable edutaining reads, VAULT is the place to go! Happy reading and do not forget to hashtag #IamVaulting !

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