Cameroon Fashion Awards Slammed For Not Nominating Bamenda Based Designers

The organisers of the annual Cameroon Fashion Awards, for which voting is currently going on in multiple categories were recently called out on allegations of accusing one of the most popular fashion designers in Bamenda; Amah Bertrand of Amah Fashion House for not being “creative”.

According to our sources, the CEO of Cameroon Fashion Awards Fredash Numfor, accused Amah Bertrand for not being the author of his designs, and for taking credits of other local tailors.

As expected, the clap back was not pleasant as Amah Bertrand, recently promised an interview to a media house, in which he intended to expose the organisers’ foul play.

While everyone awaited the drama to unfold, Fredash Numfor put up a public statement, denouncing all allegations against his event and reasons for not nominating Amah Bertrand.

He also said, the reasons for him not nominated were far from being personal, rather, it was a result of a low public nomination.




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