Empire Company Presents POWER: The Height of 237 Music Industry!

EMPIRE Company brought together major goons for a highly anticipated project called “POWER“. It all debuted with a series of hints dropped here and there by Top Kamer artists like Locko and Magasco.

Eventually, project “POWER” was unveiled and was definitely worth the wait. It brought together Cameroon’s finest; Magasco, Locko, Rhythmz, Minks and Tenor (with guest appearance from Mimie). 

The video clip was directed by NS Pictures and shot in candid and simple locations (quite similar to Cite Verte in Yaounde, Cameroon). Giant portraits of all these celebs were made and their wardrobes reflected the true African culture.

Based on popular opinion, Tenor stole the show with his great verse and breath-taking (literally) rhymes. Fans worldwide were dazzled and in complete admiration to his talent. In contrast, Minks’ lyrical statement was considered mediocre by fans and some even believed he should not have been part of this project.

Nonetheless, they gave fans complete musical bliss and never before seen collaboration between Cameroon artists. Watch the clip below. xoxo


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