Alpha Better Records Studio: The African Look for an African Sound

It is no surprise that Salatiel, the founder of Alpha Better records and home to Mr Leo, Blaise B, and Askia is setting grounds to nurture the best of African sounds.

The movement has so far been a massive success with the front man of the label, Mr. Leo putting up tremendous hit songs and touring major countries in Europe. Cameroon is the melting pot to so much cherished “African sounds”; a thought mega producer Salatiel has invested resources in so as to give an identity to.

He released pictures of the new Alpha Better records Live/Digital Audio Studio, and we couldn’t help but notice the finesse in the aura of its interior décor, spiced with beautiful African fabrics.

Kudos to Salatiel and the entire Alpha Better Records team for the beautiful African interior décor.

See pictures below.


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