“NEW BELL MUSIC IS PAST TENSE!” Valery Atia Blasts Ndukong Bertrand In a Ferocious Twitter Exchange

It’s hardly news that Valery Atia of Kamer Kongosa and the organiser of Urban Jamz awards is not by the least of margins a fan of New Bell Music, not to talk of his consistent stand against the modus operandi of Jovi, New Bell Music’s Boss.

There have been a number of conflicts between Valery and die heart Jovi supporters, one of which being Ndukong Bertrand (@mansamusa), The CEO of February 16th a strong acolyte of New Bell as well as Jovi’s Brother.

The exchange sprouted after Valery (@kamerkongossa) replied to a tweet in which Ndukong quoted;

“What rules the music biz is music. Not interviews, throwing shade, insults on twitter. Music is the ans. Good music can silence everything”

That’s how the “bruhaha” started, see the screenshots below;





















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