4 TIPS For A Successful Online Release

It is a very crucial moment; the time between when the producer hands you the mastered version of your “big” song, till the date you get to share that link on your social media accounts. Because in truth, there is just a very slim margin between success and failure, between converting your song to a hit, and just having another song populating the internet.

Most often, artists find themselves too worried about the right things to do in order to create a “successful” release, thus creating stress. Stress is not known to be compatible with making a music release.

Releasing music you’ve worked hard on should be the best feeling in the world. But way too often music is shared with anxiety, fear and confusion.

“Are people going to share my song? Will media personality a or b like my song? Who should i tag and who should i not tag? How do i get this famous person talk about my song? Will i get as much views as the previous release?

These are just some of the so many questions likely to plague the artists mind. So let’s look at some of the basic questions, whose answers are going to guarantee your smooth ride through to a successful release.

How Good Is The Production?

Certainly, the purpose of putting out your songs will supersede the smart phone or the computer of your followers on social media.

DJs in clubs will come across your song and they need to feel comfortable to play it on their systems, event organisers will need to feel comfortable to invite you on a huge stage and as such, the quality of your song needs to pass the standard test.

You can easily validate this by calling a couple of snack bar DJs and producers for a listening party. We are going to discuss the details of organising a successful release party in our subsequent publications.


How Are You Planning On Promoting The Release?

It is common knowledge that promotion is the heart of any entertainment gig. You must have heard a lot of people tell you that “what matters most is how you are going to promote your song”. Now, this could really stress you up, but trust me, it shouldn’t. Because with a little time to think, and enough commitment, you will be good to go any day any time.

Know this, in today’s music industry, especially here in Cameroon where the buzz is online, it’s not good enough to just put your music out there overnight and hope people listen. Releasing new music needs an entire campaign around it: A promotion plan.

That means a coordinated plan that starts before you release and continues long afterwards. A good release campaign:

  • Builds hype before the release with things like storytelling, radio/media touring, music videos, teaser single and posts about your process and works behind the scenes
  • Creates anticipation for a release that fans and listeners look forward to
  • Shares a release across multiple platforms
  • Creates an experience for your fan base that goes beyond just music
  • Makes your project shareable and turns your release into an event
  • Nurtures new fans long after a release

Nowadays, it is common to have artists create social media (WhatsApp chat) groups for the purpose of having fans come together and promote material.


How Am I Going To Brand My Release?

With the tens of new music which is flooding the music space on a daily basis . It is very important that you as an artist give a unique identity to your movement.

Make sure your colour themes are significant (a very good example was the yellow theme used for the release of Jovi’s Mboko God album).

Equally, you want to make sure your graphic design is top notch and equally attractive so as to give your release that unique identity.



How Am I Going To Distribute My Music?

This is a very crucial question to answer. Who do you want to make your release available to? What medium do they use to consummate music? How do I get my music on such media?

These questions are of utmost importance for you to have an answer to. You don’t want a situation where you have created hype and anticipation, and at the end of the day fans can’t even get access to the music.

That is such a joy killer. YouTube used to be ideal for video releases while sound cloud was the ultimate audio platform for indie artists. We however realize that with changes in time and trend, music lovers are requesting more animated and exciting ways to experience your music.

Music videos seems to be the deal, but then if you can’t afford to sponsor a music video all the time, or maybe you just want to put out an audio, you should seriously consider making an animated video or slideshow for the sake of adding excitement to your content. Because truth be told, Sound cloud won’t be in trend for much longer.

Planning is power. Having a game plan in place is the best way to put fun and joy back into releasing your music—and a well-planned release always leads to success.

Of course it takes a bit of hard work. But if you’re finished a project you probably already know what hard work is all about anyways…

So roll up your sleeves, dig in and release your new music right.

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