“Me and You are Not Mates… Wack Artist”. Edi LeDrae Slams Rexxy Baba in a recent Facebook Feud.

A lot of social media and 237 entertainment fanatics will agree that Edi LeDrae, CEO of The 808 Nation and well deserving music producer in Cameroon is hardly the man to be featured on such a scandalous blog post. However, every man has his limits, and LeDrae seems to have been recently pushed passed his.

In a series of posts on his Facebook account, the much acclaimed music producer opened up very bitterly to an incident between him and a fellow artist Rexxy Baba, which left the former feeling very disgruntled.

In an unusually long article, which he later took down, Edi said;

“If you’re hungry and frustrated over your life and career as a whole, please put your frustration at somebody else.”

Speculations about what could have transpired between both parties were later put to rest as he shared screenshots of the conversation that sparked off the disgruntlement.


What apparently sparked off the rage was this offensive text message from Rexxy baba which insensibly addressed Edi’s Mum.

We hope both parties will do well to restore the calm between them for the advancement of love and peace in our Industry.

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