“We Need a campaign to sensitize Social Media Users on Sharing “– Mr. Adrenaline Speaks Out

One of Kamer’s most prolific video directors– Mr. Adrenaline recently took to a live Facebook stream to cry out on the poor level of “sharing” which is exhibited within the entertainment community of Cameroon.

Mr. Adrenaline captioned the more than an hour long stream as –

“We need a campaign to sensitize social media users on #Sharing I think that will boost 237 Ent Industry #Your Thoughts”

in which prominent actors (actors, bloggers, and artists like) in the industry joined voices on the matter.

It was about time this issue was brought up, because there has been a stirring propaganda against the consistency of selfishness and ego among fans and even Artists when it comes to sharing links to materials of other Artists in the industry.

In reference to one of the many vital points made, Mr. Adrenaline mentioned that the reason a lot of music Artists focus on having their content show on foreign media (Trace to be specific) is to get exposure: the same kind of exposure these artists can all get if the industry was sharing out their works enough.

We are certainly looking forward to a campaign which will uplift the spirit of sharing our entertainment material among social media users in Cameroon. You too can start off by watching the entire video below and sharing this article on your timeline.

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