“I already Paid My Dues, Now I’m breaking free” – Nami Nami Cyrus says Goodbye to Empire Company.

Just few weeks after rumours circulated on social media about a probable separation between Kumba rapper Nami Nami Cyrus and his (former) label Empire Company; music lovers finally have a clue about the fate of this Kamer artist and his musical journey henceforth.

These rumours were sparked off by a picture posted by Empire owner Pit Bacardi, which included front liner Magasco, the duo Rhythmz and the newly signed Mimie; which led to questions quickly sprouting about Nami Nami Cyrus‘ absence from the picture.

After sharing an article about his departure,  he made a clear statement by releasing a video with no affiliations with Empire company featuring Mr. Elad. We all are now left to assume that he works as an independent artist, even though we still await an official statement from both parties.

Until then, check out the video of #PEACE by Nami Nami Cyrus featuring Mr. Elad.


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