BLAISE B In Hot Water After Shady Post About.. Tzy Panchak?

We didn’t see this coming, Alpha Beta records artist Blaise B is currently a persona non grata following a series of posts on Facebook and Instagram with regards to live performances done by artists.

In his post he throws some shade at Cameroonian artists who perform live on an international scale by stating; 

“Even if you can’t play any instrument, my fellow artists please work on your voice (Live Performance) STOP DISGRACING US internationally… #peace”

In retaliation Blue Nation artist Tzy Panchak who is currently in the US and performed at the Afrimma award show yesterday, replied;

“Stop disgracing yourself locally Mr. Voice lol Support your own regardless. We come from a country where we “Struggle” so much to achieve. So a lil love from you won’t kill. I love your Front and Back song. Get a positive mindset, Good luck on your Afrimma Nomination. All love bro”

Blaise has been trying to salvage the situation by issuing and apology and justifying his comments. Nonetheless, music lovers are not buying it and Blaise B is in big trouble – his PR team needs to do a quick damage control ASAP.

Have a look below.


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