Wax Dey ft Mr Leo – Better [Official Video] directed by Mr. Adrenaline

The official visuals of the soundtrack “Better” by Wax Dey featuring Mr. Leo have been released under Calabash Music. Directed by the one and only Mr. Adrenaline, the release of this clip had been postponed due to the current situation in Cameroon with regards to the Anglophone problem.

The Calabash Music team hence thought it wise to delay its release so as to show respect to the more pressing situation in the nation. Nonetheless, fans worldwide finally got to view the clip which has as sole message “faith”. 

Via this track, Wax Dey and Mr. Leo talk about the importance of having faith in the Lord and by so doing believing everything is under control and will get better with time. This unorthodox gospel track has a catchy tune with great visuals filled with gold and warm colours and classy wardrobe for both men.

To send across this message, the clip stars Kamer actors Nchifor Valery and Oyama Laura (film by Obenson Christopher). Both actors enact a broken home filled with despair; but end up working it out years later.

This however was the downside of this video clip (even though Mr. Leo’s cakey makeup could equally be considered the video’s “No, No”) as it failed to send across the message of perseverance and faith all wrapped up in believing and asking God for blessings.

Nchifor Valery is seen with blessings such as cars, a house and riches but we are not told how he gets them and his wife suffers an injury to her belly but still gives birth to their daughter and yet we do not know how.

Blessings can either come from the Lord or from the devil; which is which in this situation? Obenson Christopher should have showcased the power of prayer and faith and persistence in the LORD and by so doing this track’s meaning would have been double significant.

That said, thumbs up to the team and make sure to listen, like, comment and share below. Cheers.


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