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Fans Were Worried About… Dynastie Le Tigre


Earlier today Dynastie Le Tigre updated his Facebook profile with an all black profile picture and cover art void of any clarification.

Used essentially to connote the loss of someone or the passing of a loved one, we tend to ask ourselves why he selected this picture to be up on his profile.

Fans have been rushing to his timeline trying to make sure the great Kamer vocalist is doing alright. But hey, it was only a scare as Dynastie is doing just fine, he however just returned from the hospital.

It was a beautiful turn up of his caring fans who displayed so much care and concern.We do hope that everything is under control and he is does not put us through such rollercoster of emotions ever again. Whats for sure Dynastie, we got you anyday anytime. xoxo

Facebook : Dynastie Le Tigre 


Bjr le tigre ds un espoir du despoire je ne voire ke le noire keski t’arrive tu sais bien ke tes ntre protecteur kan nos ennemies ne voir ke l’oscuirité de tn nombre il profite pr ns faire du mal. 

bjr le tigre, tu prepard encord quel suprise? ou bien tu est deja invisible,? pourquoi le noir ? 

Hummmmm moi j’ai toujours dit que les fous ne sont pas juste ceux qui marchent en route ehhhhh! Bon.bonne nuit le joueur on sait que c pour nous dire de dormir!
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(Dynastie’s  Statement to his fans)
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