VREEZY VILLE… From Chubby to Sexy [The Transformation]

It came as a surprise when Kamer artist Vreezy Ville announced his “Spartacus Transformation” some months back. Filled with skepticism, we observed his baby steps in a bid to loose his extra weight and speculated on the achievement of his goals.

However, his transformation was (and is still) the real deal. The “Jakiri Master” flooded his social media platforms with workout videos and pictures and right before our eyes Vreezy Ville transformed from chubby to SEXY.

His determination was indisputable and the results  are commendable, having lots of positive comments from his followers and people in need to get back in shape.

In a statement yesterday, Vreezy Ville talks about his previous body and how he enjoys being fit, he urges people especially those into entertainment to be in live a healthy life so as to attract endorsement deals…


We applaud the efforts and urge others to be inspired by this change. There’s nothing wrong being chubby but nothing replaces a sexy eye candy especially for the ladies. After the release of “Jakiri” ft Arré, Vreezy also has a song with Mr LeoAll I want” and with this physical transformation we do hope his career is a successful one.

Way to go Vreezy Ville. xoxo

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