What Happens When DESIGN Meets PHOTOGRAPHY? [Preview & Download]

When I looked at the album, one word popped to my mind. Or rather, its lack thereof.

Noise: something that pulls you away from what you really want to hear, or read, or in our case, see. The buzz of a fly, the murmuring in the alley, a bright bulb. Noise 

A picture is said to carry the weight of a thousand words. That a single picture can tell tales of war, famine, love, loss, hope. Pictures are cherished by families. We look back to when we were kids. We laugh at how funny looking our faces were, we reminisce how much we’ve changed, grown. How much we’ve evolved.

Pictures themselves and the art of picture making have evolved. From the pinhole camera, to the point and shoots and now, we can freeze moments on every single device that has a Wi-Fi connection.

The ability to capture life in a frame is a very coveted skill. Pete Souza is the only person allowed to photograph President Obama for his official photos. This should emphasize the role a photographer plays in this delicate, memory stealing craft.

No matter how perfect your camera may be, some people are better at posing, rather than taking pictures.

But Njinkeng Asonganyi does not know how to pose. He knows how to make people pose. And he captures the essence with and without the noise. As he wields his memory stealing device, the subject almost creeps out of the scene. This album is way different from anything he has done before, because of one simple reason: noise.

Asonganyi’s Pictures have a way of letting the environment become part of the subject without distracting you. In the end, there is a healthy mix of noise and signal that lets you fully grasp the quality of the focus, and “the eye”.

Not this time.

The grey, black and white allow your eyes to bask comfortably on the details of the digital canvas. An exceptional delight that shows a distinction between flesh, wall and clothing. Because those are the only solid states allowed in the image. It is distracting to watch the subject show surprise at the wings, delight in the liquid self and a regal stance tinged with a neo-geek chic bag.

Of course you get distracted when you can’t find the clear cut line between Njinkeng’s superpower and Bine Moukouri’s prowess.

Photo editing dates back to the 1860s, a few decades after Niepce created the very first photograph in 1814, photographs were already being manipulated. But, we’re in 2016 and nearly anyone with a computer can become the cover person of their tribe’s bi-weekly magazine.

As technology would have it, just like owning a camera doesn’t make you a good shot, being able to use photo editing software doesn’t make you a graphic designer. For these uniquely skilled individuals, you need to have both “the eye” and “the hand”.

I have worked closely with Moukouri and I am a fan of his work. What I would say about him is most likely blinded by years of friendship- but know this: I have never seen his graphic ability so merged yet, dis proportionally exposed on a page. It is usually either a picture to be edited or a graphic- a company logo or T-shirt.

Usually, the latter pulls on his very creative and wild mind- one you can very much sense in the wings he bears begrudgingly and how he flows out of himself. But the peak of this merger is when he attaches himself to…wait for it…himself! I zoomed in to find that meeting point, the zeroth pixel. Nada. Niet.

As much as I enjoy every piece from this album, it pisses me off my how brief it is. I want more. And, unconsciously, I want color. Even though I know it will distract the merger.

This compilation is a celebration of skill from two talented Cameroonians. This is their gift to the world- a digital expression of the product of skilled collaboration. It is what happens when our differences becomes strengths. When the North meets the South.  When the volcano meets the sea, when a man meets a woman…

This, is what happens when design meets photography.  Download this album by Bine Moukouri and Njikeng Assonganyi —-  WHEN DESIGN MEETS PHOTOGRAPHY.

A Subjective Review by Tchassa Kamga


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Our guest blogger Tchassa Kamga, is the brain behind the blog “Kamga Has A Blog“. He gives a peculiar insight of “What Happens When Design Meets Photography”, a concept brought to life by Kamer graphic designer Bine Moukouri and Kamer photographer Njikeng Asonganyi.  

Tchassa Kamga creates content and he is not a vegetarian. You can find him on all social media using the handle @tchassakamga.  He may ask you very awkward questions the first day you meet him. Alone, at night, he cries when you don’t write a comment on his blog.

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