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Kamer entertainment is at its pinnacle now, as every layer of its sphere gains in strength and recognition. The role of graphic designers and photographers in the growth of the 237 entertainment industry be it in fashion, movies, music, blogging etc can not be overemphasized.

So today we bring to the lime light, Graphic Designer Bine Moukouri and Photographer Njikeng Asonganyi who have  a great role to play
in the promotion of Kamer Entertainment. From Photo shoots, to cover arts, logos, posters, these men bring art to life.

It is thus with great expectancy that fans await the album “When Design Meets Photography” by Bine Moukouri and Njikeng Asonganyi. A merger of both skills to produce a great concept, we can’t wait to see.

Bine Moukouri is one of Kamer’s  self-made  graphic designers. Growing up in Douala, he was submerged with cartoons, Urban arts and commercials which awoken and nurtured his passion for arts. With such a glaring reality of his talent and passion, Bine got in to designing 7 years ago.

It was however only 2 years ago that he made his passion, his career. He molded his passion via self taught exercises like watching videos on YouTube, visiting design blogs and acquainting himself with Lynda tutorials.

Currently working for Njorku, a job search aggregate, Bine‘s also an intern at Archaic studios in Limbe which handles TV production, photography, branding and design. Based on his talent and professionalism, prolific designers William Takor and Bermond Yange have supported and encouraged this young designer.

Njikeng Asonganyi has a distinct story too. For 5 years he has been in the Kamer entertainment arena kick starting his journey in the university when he was elected most popular student at the Dynasty Awards, after which he worked for BLKTRNGL AFRICA as an AnR. He also teamed up with creative minds like Cuth-B, William Takor, ACE and BTArré (Now Arré), an experience he learnt a lot from.

However, he never really felt complete being at the forefront of the action, rather he yearned for working behind the scenes and creating an amazing feeling for lovers of art. With time he was approached by renowned Mbeng Ngassa, proprietor of Archaic Studios, who helped trigger Njikeng‘s love for the camera making him a great photographer and video editor.

Njikeng believes in Cameroon’s potential and his sole purpose is showcasing this to the world. Follow both men  via Facebook: Bine Moukouri  –  Njikeng Asonganyi, Twitter: @BineMoukouri – @AsonganyiBTR, Facebook Page: Bine Moukouri, Digital portfolio: Bine Moukouri

Be on the look out for their project “When Design Meet Photography” a merger of both skills and check out some of their works. xoxo

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  1. Being a Cameronian Graphic designer a well I just can’t wait for this project to be out. Yossacreate


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