Roger (X-Maleya) Weds Journalist Kelly White: Publicity Stunt or Real Deal?

So… fans worldwide are in a state of disbelief and confusion today, with the release of pictures portraying  Roger (lead vocalist) of the trio X Maleya tying the knot with Cameroonian journalist Kelly White.

They have been offered a unique package… wedding pictures of Roger and his bride. We do not know if they are truly married or this is just a video clip… what’s going on?

Well, well, well… Is it for real? or a publicity stunt? Info ou Intox?


Fans however however think that this is just a video shoot and Roger is just playing a fast one on them. These pictures are however very expressive and I think the ladies who have been fantasizing about  Roger all have their hearts shattered.

However, it all began on April 1 (April Fools Day), when Roger personally asked fans to guess what will be happening in 6 days. The maze running began with several speculations…


Un heureux event attend Roger dans 6 jrs.Lequel?1-il va se marier,2-il fetera son anniv,3-il s offrira une voiture,4-il attend un enfant….à vos claviers….diner avc le groupe pour les 2 premieres bonnes reponses….

X-Maleya's photo.
 We waiting to see what happens next… ‘Cause right now we do not know whats going on.

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