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Mystery Man.


It all started with a smile, that kind of smile that could make any lady blush so much tomatoes could not be considered red enough. He was a man who knew what he wanted and went for it, he definetly went for it. I am Cassandra Bennett, but everyone calls me Cassey. `Cassey` is cool don`t you think? That aside lets go back to the cute young man I was talking about earlier on.

This man was fine, he had a smile that could blow a lady`s mind away. For sure he knew he was good looking and used his “swag“ to the fullest which ofcourse meant having “the ladies“. NO, don`t smile I am serious men will always remain “men“ trust me. I know you are dying to know what happend right? Alright then, here it goes sit tight…

It was a Saturday evening, I had just had a tiring day out with friends. I always loved Saturdays because I could drink away the week`s stress and even better…do so with loving friends. That saturday was not different, however I had to leave a early because my body was telling me I would soon be dead drunk.

So… I left, leaving my “party hard“ friends behind. I preferred walking a little, you know…enjoy the evening breeze and moonlight. Truly, that walk was the best idea i had had in my ENTIRE life…

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